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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a different world and calls for specialized skills and mindsets for specific applications that interface seamlessly with an existing set up. MISPVT possesses experts in ERP application development, leveraging the power of SAP, Oracle and other platforms such as OFBiz, Apache Open for Business and JBoss Seam to deliver high performance affordable applications with tailored UIs with an intuitive feel, hiding sophisticated features. If you are using legacy ERP applications, it is time for a revamp. Current trends such as use of portable devices and touch interfaces call for revision of the way users interact and our ERP application development service factors recent trends in developing perfect products that reduce labor efforts and make easy the task of data input and data compiling. In fact, we use advanced features such as augmented reality, location sensitivity, gyros and other features incorporated into the apps to enhance productivity and efficiencies.

Our ERP application development service is perfect for:

Manufacturing companies with multiple locations

Retail industry spread across diverse geographical locations

Logistics, shipping, transport services

Automobile industry

Healthcare industry

Insurance, banking, financials

Our ERP applications cover:

Inventory management, materials, dispatch, delivery

Manufacturing and production processes

Sales, accounting and finance

Planning and procurement, vendor tracking

Human Resources, Attendance, Payroll, Biometrics

CRM, Marketing