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Canteen is not a cake walk activity. It requires management of so many persons at same time. The main challenge is to have centralized food distribution area in the organization that is simple and efficient. Eliminate meal time chaos at the company cafeteria / canteen. Reduce wait time at the order desk, enable hassle free transactions for employees each time.

Manages all tasks related to issue of coupons internal/ external to permanent, temporary/ adhoc, trainees, outsourced employees.

Salient Features

It verifies the authenticity of user through biometric device, which provides very high degree of security.

It verifies whether the user is applicable for the benefits (coupons) or not, such as incase an employee is terminated, resigned or has drawn all coupons worth his amount then he is not a valid person and therefore should not receive any coupon.

It shows what amount of coupons can be given to an employee.

It shows what amount of coupons is balance for an employee.

It verifies whether coupons that worth some amount can be issued to an employee at that period of time or not.

It gives complete detail of all coupons issued to an employee, its amount and the period.

It gives complete detail of the total amount of coupons that have been distributed and the amount that is left in stock for any specified date.

It provides various details related to stock management.

Mess Highlights

Easily manage Mess operations for 5000+ employees

Reduced waiting time at the Mess improves employee productivity

Meal payment cycle completion within seconds

Instant reconcilation of contractors invoice / monthly statement

Easily track the usage of subsidized meal / snack programs

Track mess usage by outsiders / visitors

Trouble free cash management

Turnkey installation available


Manage multiple Staff Canteens (at single or multiple locations) with a central database

Multiple POS terminals in each canteen

Choice of POS Terminals – Time and attendance device, PC with barcode or Proxy card reader, PC with Employee password Authentication

Various modes of employee identification like – Biometric (Fingerprint), Proxy card, Barcode Card, password authentication

Visitor, Guest and contract worker approval workflow - Controlled access to canteen usage

User defined Multiple Canteen coupon print formats

Display today's menu on LCD TV terminal

Supports Thin clients